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Every Map has a Scale is an ongoing performance-research project aiming to connect Scottish Dance Theatre more deeply with communities in its home-town of Dundee and across Scotland, creating opportunities for dialogue and exchange, and making the company’s artistic practice more inclusive and responsive.

The project straddles across formats and disciplines, including performance events but also research, documentation and discussion. Inspired by the input of different contributors, the work is structured in chapters, with each new iteration delving deeper or expanding on an area of research.

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Chapter 1 (Oct 2020)

Chapter 1 of Every Map has a Scale saw the creation of a pop-up performance and digital work shot in locations across Dundee, choreographed by Artistic Director Joan Clevillé in collaboration with Scottish Dance Theatre’s dancers.

Informed by field trips into Dundee’s neighbourhoods, the work plays with the poetry of movement, language and architecture. Turning public environments into a temporary stage, the piece is a playful celebration of our everyday lives and the people we share it with. 

Chapter 1 creative team
ConceptJoan Clevillé
Choreography Joan Clevillé in collaboration with Scottish Dance Theatre Dancers
Costume and Props DesignZephyr Liddell 
Digital Artist Genevieve Reeves 
Contributors Simone Kenyon, Jess Thorpe

Chapter 2 (Oct 2021)

Conceived Scottish Dance Theatre’s Associate Directors (Engage) Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore, Chapter 2 of Every Map has a Scale is a dance film by Genevieve Reeves comprised of nine duets; each one created by a Scottish Dance Theatre dancer in collaboration with and a member of the local community here in Dundee. Dancers between the ages of 1 and 63 weave a choreographic tapestry, capturing the creative dialogue between a professional dance company and its local community.

Chapter 2 creative team 
Created and Performed by
Boni Bogya & Rose McAndrew
Kieran Brown & Adam LeBoeuf
João Castro & Elliot Hill
Glenda Gheller & Emilie Lo Cascio
Nicole Nevitt & Pris Lemons
Luigi Nardone & Sylvia Adams
Jessie Roberts-Smith & Catriona Murray
Pauline Torzuoli & Thomas Otto
Solène Weinachter & William More
Conceived Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore
Filmed and edited Genevieve Reeves
Creative Practitioner Amanda Lowson

Chapter 3 (Aug 2023)

In summer 2023 Scottish Dance Theatre swapped the stage for the streets, fields and public buildings of Dundee and Angus. Travelling by foot, bike or public transport, the dancers surprised more thousands of passers-by and visitors in streets, parks, libraries, shopping centres, and museums, celebrating our everyday life and the people we share it with.

Chapter 3 creative team
ConceptJoan Clevillé
ChoreographyJoan Clevillé in collaboration with Scottish Dance Theatre Dancers
Costume and Props DesignZephyr Liddell
Digital ArtistTao-Anas Le Thanh
Original Devising CastOlivia Arizmendi, Thomas Goodwin, Aya Kobayahsi, Ben McEwen, Lara Peres Rocha, Jessie Roberts-Smith, Kai Tomioka, Pauline Torzuoli