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At Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre we believe creative experiences matter in life; creating meaningful experiences is what we do. This has been our driving mission for nine decades. We do it by being welcoming, collaborative and always learning from people and experiences.  

The story of Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre is one of its people: its artists, creatives, staff, participants and audiences. 
Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre sits at the cultural heart of Dundee as a centre of creative excellence. The Organisation looks outwards, creating and delivering work for local, national and international audiences, with learning at the heart. As a leading force in Scottish theatre, Dundee Rep Theatre has created a number of award-winning and award-nominated productions, including the world premiere of Let the Right One InThe Cheviot, The Stag and The Black, Black Oil, the Scottish premiere of Pulitzer Prize-winning August: Osage County, the world premieres of new musicals No Love Songs and Oor Wullie and the 80th Anniversary season world premiere of Peter Arnott’s Tay Bridge. Scottish Dance Theatre is one of the few full-time companies in the UK and is made up of nine inquisitive and versatile dancers who have come from all over the world to work and create in our home at Dundee Rep. The Organisation has created a number of award-winning productions, made in Dundee that tour nationally and internationally; establishing a reputation as one of the UK’s leaders in theatre, dance and music production, carrying the Dundee brand far and wide.  

This is a promotional image from a theatrical production of The Steamie by Dundee Rep. Two actresses sit side by side in floral smocks, both smoking cigarettes.
A girl stands in school uniform pointing towards the sky smiling with a group of children behind her chatting amongst themselves

At the heart of the Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre vision is the belief that artistic and creative experience of the highest quality should be open and available to all. The Organisation has an extensive engagement programme working with people of all ages both within the building and in formal and informal learning contexts across Scotland and internationally. 

Over the course of nine decades, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre has been at the heart of performance in Scotland, and grown into a world-class organisation, with two artistic forces based in Dundee, travelling to and reaching the rest of the world.