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Created for Scottish Dance Theatre by internationally acclaimed choreographer Emanuel GatThe Circle is a fast-paced, highly physical and visually striking work set to a hypnotic score by electronic guru, Squarepusher. The Circle questions our idea of power and authorship by using live choreographic scores that the dancers use to connect with each other and shape the steps and patterns they perform onstage.

As the dancers take split-second decisions, they become writers of their own journeys and discover the work afresh before the audience’s eyes every night. The work features stunning sculptural wearable art pieces by Australian designer, Thomas Bradley, upcycled from old costumes from Dundee Rep Theatre’s wardrobe.

Premiered at Dundee Rep Theatre on 3 May 2019.

The Circle features various tracks from ‘Ultravisitor’ by Squarepusher. Courtesy of Warp Records.

A refreshing burst of creativity

– The Skinny 

shrugs aside the comfort zone of a set choreography

– The Herald

Creative team 
Choreographer Emanuel Gat
Choreographic Assistant Michael Loehr
Lighting DesignEmanuel Gat
Costume Design Thomas Bradley
Original Devising Cast Kieran Brown, Reece Calver, Harry Clark, Molly Danter, Luigi Nardone, Adrienne O’Leary, Oscar Pérez Romero, Giorgia Pirozzi, James Southward, Jessie Roberts-Smith, Pauline Torzuoli, Johanna Wernmo.