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New dances. New voices.

What happens when an ensemble of exceptional dancers have creative licence to imagine, realise and create never-before seen works together?

SPUTNIK is Scottish Dance Theatre’s choreographic lab, where dancers are invited to explore their own creative voice. Celebrating homegrown talent, SPUTNIK is a playground, a lab to take risks and experiment, a chance to see where dance is going next. 


Full Half Empty
Creator Lara Peres Rocha
Performers Lara Peres Rocha&Ben McEwen
Composer Maia Balduz
Costume Design Cate Mackie
Lighting Design Abi Turner
Full Half Empty is an invitation to get lost in a search for meaning, through the foggy channels of the
mind into the crisp air of the world.

OlivAr. Live at The Rep
Creator & Performer  Olivia Arizmendi
Composer Auris Delan
Costume Design Cate Mackie
Lighting Design Abi Turner
World-famous American pop icon OlivAr has announced the final curtain call you’ve all been waiting for. With influences of MJ, Elvis, and James Brown, OlivAr’s sound is timeless yet purely unique. You won’t want to miss it!

Daughters of Albion
Creator Jessie Roberts-Smith
Performers Jessie Roberts-Smith, Ben McEwen & Kieran Brown
Sound Artist Luke Sutherland
Costume Design Cate Mackie
Lighting Design Abi Turner
Taking inspiration from William Blake, Ali Smith and a tune you might know, Jessie resurrects an imagined moment from the past hoping it can be a parable for our future.

Queeran, the farmers son.
Creator & Performer Kieran Brown
Costume Design Kieran Brown in collaboration with Cate Mackie
Head piece made by Mhairi Wild
Lighting Design Abi Turner
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Queeran, the farmers son is an autobiographical work. How did the little gay boy growing up on the farm stay true to himself?

Beside a curve.
Creator Pauline Torzuoli
Performers Jessie Roberts-Smith & Molly Danter
Costume Design Cate Mackie
Lighting Design Abi Turner
To my friend Jojo
Beside a curve was born of a fascination with the beauty that emanates from the delicate coexistence of destruction and creation within the dance of the womb.

The Drop (studio installation)
Creator NORTHXNORTH, John Ross & Sophie Duncan
Costume Design Cate Mackie
Lighting Design Abi Turner
Thanks to local community members for their creative input
A space built to create anticipation, questioning - What does it mean to be built up, but then left with
no Drop?


Thin h/as h/air 
Choreographer Pauline Torzuoli
Performers Yosuke Kusano 
Lighting DesignEmma Jones 
Music Nheengatu by Kurup, Pipistrellus by biosphere

In the Spirit of the Material 
Choreographer Kieran Brown 
PerformerJessie Roberts-Smith
Lighting Design Emma Jones 
Music Melancholia II by William Basinski  
Costume Design Kieran Brown assisted by Susan Doyle and Cate Mackie

Choreographer Oscar Pérez Romero 
Performers Genevieve Reeves, Oscar Pérez Romero 
Lighting Design Emma Jones 
Music Torben byLars Sylvest, On the Run by Pink Floyd 
Costume Design Matthias Strahm

So Long, and Slender 
ChoreographersJessie Roberts-Smith and Luigi Nardone 
Performers Jessie Roberts-Smith and Luigi Nardone  
Lighting Design Emma Jones
Music Anomalies In Heart Rate (Original mix) by UMEK, The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky, Proud by Heather Small, We Bow Before Your Cross by The All Male Orthodox Choir 
Costume Design Jessie Roberts-Smith, Luigi Nardone and Matthias Strahm

Study I (Photographic Exhibition) 
Photographer Genevieve Reeves

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Pod (Podcast) 
Podcast by Matilda Bjärum with Reece Marshall, Tammy Tsang and Mathilde Ytterstad