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In this international collaboration across art forms, choreographers Joan Clevillé and Yabin Wang join creative forces with digital artist  Genevieve Reeves and the dancers from Scottish Dance Theatre and Yabin Studio to create a visual tapestry exploring our relationship with nature and the environment. 

Taking inspiration from the five phases of Wuxing in Chinese traditional philosophy (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth), the dancers interact with natural and urban environments, building intangible bridges across dance disciplines and the landscapes of Dundee and Shanghai, Scotland and China. 

As we watch the dancers’ bodies rise and fall, we witness the cycles of growth and decay in nature, the seasons following one another, reminding us of the invisible connections that sustain our environment and the exquisite fragility of the Universe’s dance. 

Creative team 
Concept and Artistic Direction Joan Clevillé& Yabin Wang
Editing and Sound Design Genevieve Reeves 
Camera, Performance and Choreography
Scottish Dance Theatre 
Bonni Bogya, Kieran Brown, João Castro, Luigi Nardone, Jessie Roberts-Smith, Pauline Torzuoli & Johanna Wernmo,
Yabin Studio 
Shuai Li, Qiqi Liu, Ying Peng, Yabin Wang & Mingdi Yang                   
Traditional Guzheng and Guqin music played by China National Traditional Orchestra and WU Wenguang. 
Audio Description Emma-Jane McHenry 

Filmed in locations in Dundee (Scotland) and Beijing (China) during June 2021

合[Hé] was produced with the support of British Council China in collaboration with Shanghai International Dance Center and Scottish Dance Theatre.