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Originally created for the National Dance Production of Catalonia, Roser López Espinosa’s The Flock departs from the fascinating migrations of birds. It unfolds from the desire to fly. It is an adventure to move on together and reach a shared goal: to fly through immense landscapes, through the vast open sky. This mesmerising journey returns us to the animal nature of the body. To effort, tenacity, endurance, teamwork, beauty and the spirit of freedom. An imaginary world of birds and humankind unravels, full of light and vitality. A game of ingenuity to spread our own wings. Should we leave or should we put down roots? The Flock is the big formation of birds that crosses the sky moving as one. At dusk, the sky is full of murmurations. 

A joyous and expansive act of poetic imagination.

– Dundee University Review of the Arts

Excitingly dynamic and athletic

– HNN, Robert Carr

Creative team
Concept and Direction Roser López Espinosa
Choreography Roser López Espinosa in collaboration with the dancers 
Original music Mark Drillich, Ilia Mayer 
Lighting design Jou Serra  
Lighting collaboration Katinka Marac 
Costume Design Lluna Albert 
Choreographer's Assistant Nora Baylach

Original devising cast Scottish Dance Theatre Alethia Antonia, Kieran Brown, Glenda Gheller, Ben McEwen, Alexina Miles, Jessie Roberts-Smith, Kai Tomioka, Pauline Torzuoli.

Premiered in March 2023

L'estol (The Flock) was originally created for the National Dance Production of Catalonia in 2017. Production: ICEC - Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Coordination and executive production: Mercat de les Flors. With the support of 18 municipal theatres of Catalonia