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Responding to the texture and properties of this regal stone, Amethyst is a mesmerising performance of visual and vocal vibrations by Glasgow-based choreographer and director Mele Broomes.

“We are part of a fragmented history which holds uncertainty for many but if we listen you can hear the realness that is being shared. We are part of a fragmented history which has various perspectives, truths and discoveries. We are part of a fragmented history and our experiences shape our conversation. This is a reflective space to listen and observe, to support self-integration and self-love”.

Amethyst: Fragmented Discoveries 

Broomes’s powerfully spiritual and inclusive work could not be more welcome

– DanceTabs

Ripe with powerful, engaging choreography

– The Scotsman

Creative team
Director & Choreographer Mele Broomes
Dancers & Collaborators Kieran Brown, João Castro, Glenda Gheller
Costume & Set Design Zephyr Liddell
Lighting Design Emma Jones
Music Producer Plantainchipps

Click the link and dive into the themes of Amethyst in our digital publication Amethyst: Fragmented Discoveries.

Premiered in October 2021