A Parting Gift

A Parting Gift

A Parting Gift



Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre has held a special place in the hearts of many for over 80 years. We so often hear reminiscences about visiting the theatre as a child, the joy of seeing a first live show, a family tradition of enjoying years of Christmas shows together, or heartfelt thanks from someone whose participation in our community work has dramatically improved their well-being.

We were so grateful to be remembered in her will by Karen Fullarton who was inspired by fond memories of being involved at the Rep as a young girl. With her family's kind agreement, her generous bequest was used to support Tenfold’s Over to You Dundee.

We want to keep creating wonderful memories for the generations to come and would be honoured if you would consider adding your legacy to our own.

A gift in your will can be the most valuable one you ever make. Once you have remembered families, friends and other cherished causes, a legacy gift to Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre will inspire many through the power and creativity of theatre and dance, support our outreach work into the community and conserve our much-loved building. It will ensure your love of theatre will be celebrated, remembered and shared.

Please consider making a gift in your will to Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre. Thank you. 

For further information, please contact:
Ailsa Macmillan at [email protected]