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A new musical by Fraser Boyle and Ali Cleland

Hen Night Horror

Running time
2 hours (including interval)

Please note the performance contains adult humour and some strong language. 

About Hen Night Horror

Amanda’s dream wedding is only days away but the proverbial has hit the fan – BIG TIME. 

Her bestie bridesmaids have declared war on each other. Donna has a dirty secret; Lydia has a broken nose and they’re both itching for another square go. Can a last minute hen night in a remote Highland lodge cover up the cracks? Or will Donna and Lydia crack each other’s skulls open before Amanda’s big day? The nasty feud has no easy fix but it soon becomes the least of the girls’ worries when they realise… they are not alone… they are definitely not alone. 

This isn’t a hen night… It’s a horror story…with laughs! 

An original musical comedy that promises to put the willies right up ye! Several times.

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