When Darkness Falls


When Darkness Falls

Paul Morrissey Ltd, Christopher Wheeler and Molly Morris in association with The BARD, Jason Haigh-Ellery and Glynis Henderson Productions present

When Darkness Falls

Tue 21 Mar 2023 - Sat 25 Mar 2023


£11.50 - £28.50


Tue 21 - Sat 25 March

Age Recommendation: 15+

Running Time: 125 mins approx (with interval)

Paul Morrissey Ltd, Christopher Wheeler and Molly Morris in association with The BARD, Jason Haigh-Ellery and Glynis Henderson Productions present 
A ghost story by James Milton and Paul Morrissey
Tue 21 - Sat 25 March

Some people believe in ghosts. Some don’t. Since their existence is not proved beyond all possible doubt, to many they remain folklore: the stuff of legend. Spooky Tales of beasts and spirits, spectres, and ghouls. But to many others, ghosts are quite real.  

When Darkness Falls is a brand-new spine-chilling ghost story that delivers a twisted, terrifying, and thrilling tale that will “leave you cowering in your seat.” (The Guardian) 

On a stormy night on the small island of Guernsey, a young paranormal expert joins a sceptical history teacher to record the first in a series of podcasts based on the island’s incredible folklore and paranormal history. As the expert regales his horrifying stories, the teacher learns that we all have our own truth. Our own story. Ghosts that haunt us. That bring the past, present, and future together in unexpected ways. Ways that could threaten to unsettle everything we think we know. 

Inspired by true events, this powerful new production by James Milton and Paul Morrissey draws us into dark pasts, reveals disturbing truths and explores the power of stories. Perhaps most importantly, the ones we tell ourselves. 

Age Recommendation: 15+

Director Paul Morrissey 
Lighting Designer Bethany Gupwell 
Sound Designer Daniel Higgott 
Set Designer Justin Williams 
Costume Designer Nicole Garbett 
Magic Consultant John Bulleid 
Casting Jim Arnold Casting