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Saturday 18 June, 2 - 7pm, Magdalen Green, Dundee

This is a durational performance, no booking required

Rosemary Lee

This is a durational performance, no booking is required
Saturday 18 June, 2 - 7pm
Magdalen Green, Dundee

Choreographer Rosemary Lee has brought together a cast of dancers from across Scotland and ranging in age from 9-70+ years to create a new site-specific version of her Threaded Fine project.  

One after the other, 24 dancers perform the same short solo accompanied by a continually looping song composed by Isaac Lee-Kronick and performed live by Jamie McCarthy. Beginning with the youngest and ending with the eldest, each dancer brings their own unique quality to this repeating, almost ritualistic performance. 

Framed by two very particular outdoor locations - the dunes of Findhorn and Magdalen Green in the heart of Dundee - audiences can come and go or stay for the five-hour duration of these two unique presentations.  

With its moments of intensity and stillness, Threaded Fine draws on our inescapable connections with space and time and the cyclical rhythms of nature that shape us. 

Following previous iterations in England (First Light Festival, Lowestoft) and Malta (ZfinMalta National Dance Company), Rosemary has recruited 18 performers with varied experience to join six dancers from Scottish Dance Theatre to develop this unique reworking of Threaded Fine.

THREADED FINE - Scotland has been commissioned by Dance North in partnership with Scottish Dance Theatre and is supported by Creative Scotland. Produced by Artsadmin

Conceived and Directer: Rosemary Lee
Choreography:  Rosemary Lee, with support from assistant choreographer Aya Koyabashi and interpretation by the performers.Composer: Isaac Lee-Kronick
Singer/Musician: Jamie McCarthy 
Costume Design and supervision: Alison Brown (based on an original design by Flora Moyes) 
Company manager: Gail Sneddon
Production Manager: Alma Lindenhovius

Image Credit: Rosemary Lee’s THREADED FINE- Scotland by Eoin Carey

In order of appearance: Asha Fenton | Otis Gilmore | Ava Rooke | Ruben Shearer | Millie Goodyear | Erin Currie | Yasmina Patel | Aeron Preston | Jessie Roberts-Smith | Kieran Brown | Ben McEwen | Pauline Torzuoli | Laura Bradshaw | Julia McGhee | Simone Kenyon Natasha Gilmore Fiona Edwards | Claire Pençak | Clive Andrews | Cath Giles | Mhairi McIntyre Allan | Sue Mitchell | Irene Kelso | Rosie Orr

Additional Audience Information
  • Performance duration 5 hours approximately.  A solo (lasting 8-12 mins) is performed one after the other by the 24 dancers starting with the youngest at 2pm.
  • Please stay for as long as you wish, you can come and go throughout this period although you are encouraged to come back for the final half hour in a special culmination of the performance with all the cast.
  • Please refrain from  applause between each solo until the very end when all the cast will return 
  • Please come prepared for the weather on the day (eg sun hats, wet/colder weather gear )
  • In the event of bad weather the performance will be relocated to Dundee Rep. Please check the website for regular updates. 
  • Some seating on wooden benches/chairs/cushions  available but you are welcome to bring your own or you can bring a rug and sit on the ground. 
  • Refreshments: Hot/cold drinks available from Bean Machine van parked nearby
  • Parking: On adjoining roads to Magdalen Yard /Richmond Road
  • Access: The performance takes place on grass close to the bandstand. Audience can sit/stand and move around the performance circle  - easy access from nearby pathways and road. Please let us know if you have any particular access needs email: [email protected]  

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