This Is For You Dundee Festival


This Is For You Dundee Festival


This Is For You Dundee Festival

Fri 14 May 2021 - Sun 23 May 2021




Fri 14 - Sun 23 May 2021

Booking opens soon

This is for you, Dundee!

REP STUDIOS presents a festival of brand-new work created and performed especially for the people of Dundee. Six interactive events will be popping up online and you’re all invited! 

Some of the cities foremost creative artists will be collaborating with local Dundonians in a unique festival of theatre, dance and music. Our aim is to celebrate local voices and tell your stories while we explore the city and our place within the world together.  Join us for free as we bring the best of live theatre home.... to Dundee.


Saturdays Doon the J.M. 

It’s been forty years of highs and lows for Andy and Eleanor since their romance began doon the J.M. Ballroom, but through it all they have always had each other. The life they built together has turned out differently from how they thought it would but with a record player, an old LP and a box of memories maybe they can find that life again, even if it’s just for an afternoon.  

Fearless Players, working with Alzheimer Scotland, present a short musical film based on the real life stories of people living with dementia in Dundee. The piece is influenced by everyone with whom we spoke, so whilst Andy and Eleanor are not directly based on any one person, their story is inspired by all those involved. It has been such a gift to work on this project and we are so grateful to our collaborators for being so open and welcoming and most importantly for trusting us with their stories.

The J.M Ballroom, originally St David’s Church, was located on Tay Street in Dundee. It was purchased and transformed into a popular dance hall by Mr J.M.Wallace and first opened its doors in 1954. The building continued under various names and identities over the years until sadly it burned down in October 1994. The site where it stood is only a few minutes walk from Dundee Rep, where the piece was filmed. 

Writer and Director Lydia Davidson 

Writer, Composer and Muscial Director Shonagh Murray

Eleanor Annie Ross

Andy Barrie Hunter

Choreography Luigi Nardone

Videography Bonnie Brae Productions


recollect: Dundee

Dear Dundee, 

 It starts with a delivery through your letterbox, and what happens on stage…well, that depends on what you write! The stories of your never-quite-happened plans you post to us will help create recollect: Dundee – a new event that celebrates and commemorates Dundonian cancelled plans.   

Rearranged diary? Abandoned holiday? Memories that never came to be? A lot of us spent the last year sitting in our living room thinking what could have been. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share a story from an event that didn’t happen! So, theatre collective Bandwidth need your help.

You’re invited to share your never-quite-happened plans over the last year with an extraordinary twist. This will take place through a short creative task at home. recollect: Dundee will transform your stories into a filmed performance of the unreal, the unexpected and the fantastic. Missed memories will be created anew through this unique creative exchange.    

Yours sincerely, Bandwidth Postal Service   

Sign up to receive a package here.

Co-authors Kenneth MacLeod, Nicholas Barton-Wines and Laurie Motherwell 

Performance Rebekah Lumsden 

Director of Photography and Editor Fergus Cruickshank

Mother Earth

Street dance collective Three60 present Mother Earth – a story that connects the audience with the artist. Together as one, learn through movement and music as you are taken on a journey full of challenges, joy and excitement. 

Mother Earth showcases love for nature and the powerful contribution that women make to humankind. Follow a Goddess as she transforms through her phases on Earth. Evolve with her as the story unfolds and she brings her inner ability from shadow work to the light. 

Everything that grows begins with a seed. Within the seed lies the tree and the fruits of your labour. Learn to nurture your gifts through patience and belief. Awakening isn’t always easy but with pressure, diamonds are formed.   

Mother Earth reflects the time that we live in. Three60 believe it is their duty as artists to demonstrate to the next generation the influence art can have on our changing culture and reality. 

Mother Earth was first showcased in London followed by Leeds, Glasgow and now for 2021, it is coming to Dundee for the first time. Get ready for a life-changing experience.


Dundee QR-kun

Dance artist Yosuke Kusano will take to the city’s streets with a unique virtual performance. QR codes will be placed on different spots across Dundee, transporting you to digital dance pieces. Visit them all throughout the week, and tune in to watch a documentary about the making of the project from the comfort of home.

Choreography Yosuke Kusano 

Digital Artist Genevieve Reeves 


Dundee Delight Dice

Dundee Delight Dice: a story of reconnection to Sunny Dundee, where playful unexpected adventures happen with every roll of the giant Dundee Dice. 

This imaginative ever-changing story is sprinkled with surprise and delight. Be charmed by the playful characters and excited by the adventure. Families are invited to join this fun digital performance from the comfort of their very own snuggly home, exploring the Delights of Dundee, let’s find out together what the story will be!  

This digital performance will inspire families to create their own stories, unlocking their creativity and all the possibilities of play for the whole family to enjoy, again and again!  

Each family will receive a digital pack with ideas to continue the fun. When it’s safe families can explore their home city and see where their adventure takes them.  

Designed, Created & Developed by Louise Kirby and Amy Hall Gibson with support from Lauren Oakes 

Illustrator: Louise Kirby  

Actor: Amy Hall Gibson  

Musician: Calum McIntyre  

Videographer: Dylan Drummond | Son of the Sea  

Taking Space

Inspired by a 2020 study which found Dundee to be the worst place in Scotland to grow up as a girl, Taking Space is a project that asks why this might be and dreams that one day the opposite might be true. With a specific focus on safety and public spaces this project explores what it's like to be a young woman in Dundee.  

Taking Space is an interactive verbatim audio play that can be listened to as you walk around your local area or from the comfort of your own home. It will take you on a journey around Dundee through the eyes of the young woman and girls who live there now. It will also offer provocations, questions and small prompts to reflect upon your own experience as you listen. 

Taking Space is a chance for us to celebrate the young women of Dundee but is also a cry for change. We want to challenge the systemic issues and make Dundee a better, safer and more empowering place to be a girl.

This is work in progress version that was presented as part of Dundee Woman's Festival 2021. The final version will be released as part of Dundee Rep Theatre's digital festival 'This is For You Dundee' in May 2021.

This project is a collaboration between hidden route theatre company and Hayley Blakeman supported by Dundee Rep Theatre.

Listen here

We would love to hear the thoughts and experiences of more woman in Dundee. Please tag us on Twitter using @takingspace_dd or use the hashtag #takingspacedundee

This work in progress audio play is performed by hidden route members:
Andromeda Gibb, Danielle Robertson, Emily Lawrence, Holly Stewart, Lauren Sheddon, Tara Roberts

Sound Design Gary Cameron