Thin h/as h/air & The Flock

Thin h/as h/air & The Flock

Scottish Dance Theatre presents

Thin h/as h/air & The Flock

Fri 17 Mar 2023 - Sat 18 Mar 2023

Thin h/as h/air by Pauline Torzuoli
The Flock by Roser López Espinosa 


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Fri 17 - Sat 18 Mar 2023

Age Recommendation: 12+
Show Length: 75mins (including 20mins interval)

Scottish Dance Theatre presents
Fri 17 - Sat 18 Mar 2023

Female choreographers take centre stage in this new dance programme by Scottish Dance Theatre.

Part biographical and part fiction, Thin h/as h/air is a portrait created by choreographer and company member Pauline Torzuoli for and with Guest Dancer Yosuke Kusano. 

“Aren't trees the hair of the Earth?” This question was the seed from which the piece grew. 
While researching the resemblance between human hair and trees, we discovered two beautiful natural phenomena: Itla Okla (a South American air plant), and Hair Ice (ephemeral strands of ice that grow on fallen trees in Northern countries). Examining these two curiosities turned the studio into a laboratory, bringing a scientific lens to our creative space. Slowly, as the piece took root, a journey of a man evolved: from scientist to the spirit of a tree. 
Originally created for the National Dance Production of Catalonia, Roser López Espinosa’s The Flock departs from the fascinating migrations of birds. It unfolds from the desire to fly. It is an adventure to move on together and reach a shared goal: to fly through immense landscapes, through the vast open sky. This mesmerising journey returns us to the animal nature of the body. To effort, tenacity, endurance, teamwork, beauty and the spirit of freedom. An imaginary world of birds and humankind unravels, full of light and vitality. A game of ingenuity to spread our own wings. Should we leave or should we put down roots? The Flock is the big formation of birds that crosses the sky moving as one. At dusk, the sky is full of murmurations

Age Recommendation: 12+

"Unique, brilliant and strange"
Fjord Review on Thin h/as h/air

"Speaks of personal and collective effort, of learning, of resistance, of freedom"
Catalunya Radio on The Flock

Choreography Pauline Torzuoli 
Performer Yosuke Kusano 
Lighting Design Emma Jones 
Costume Design Pauline Torzuoli 
Music Nheengatu by Kurup, Pipistrellus by biosphere 
Filmed and edited by Tao-Anas Le Thanh 

Concept and choreography by Roser López Espinosa 
Original music Ilia Mayer, Mark Drillich 
Lighting design Jou Serra 
Lighting collaboration Katinka Marac 

Original images from The Flock can be viewed in our Gallary

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L'estol (The Flock) was originally created for the National Dance Production of Catalonia in 2017. Production: ICEC - Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Coordination and executive production: Mercat de les Flors. With the support of 18 municipal theatres of Catalonia