recollect: Dundee


recollect: Dundee


recollect: Dundee

Wed 19 May 2021 - Sun 23 May 2021




Wednesday 19 and Sunday 23 May

Dear Dundee, 

It starts with a delivery through your letterbox, and what happens on stage…well, that depends on what you write! The stories of your never-quite-happened plans you post to us will help create recollect: Dundee – a new event that celebrates and commemorates Dundonian cancelled plans.

Rearranged diary? Abandoned holiday? Memories that never came to be? A lot of us spent the last year sitting in our living room thinking what could have been. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share a story from an event that didn’t happen! So, theatre collective Bandwidth need your help.

You’re invited to share your never-quite-happened plans over the last year with an extraordinary twist. This will take place through a short creative task at home. recollect: Dundee will transform your stories into a filmed performance of the unreal, the unexpected and the fantastic. Missed memories will be created anew through this unique creative exchange.    

Yours sincerely, Bandwidth Postal Service   


Co-authors Kenneth MacLeod, Nicholas Barton-Wines and Laurie Motherwell 
Performance Rebekah Lumsden 
Director of Photography and Editor Fergus Cruickshank