BOOST: Quadruple Bill

BOOST: Quadruple Bill


BOOST: Quadruple Bill

Sat 25 Jun 2022


5 - £7


Saturday 25 June, 3.30pm

Location: Auditorium 


A festival of workshops and performances created and performed by the dynamic programme of weekly classes and groups based at Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre.

This Time Around
By by Do Your Thing
Lead Artist Abbey Adams
Creative Assistant Josef Boon

Time to move on,  is a piece created from the magic we found when exploring the limits of time. How long can you hold a balance?  How many letters can you make with your body? How big an elephant can you draw on the floor with your big toe? And also …when is it time to move on?

by Bright Sparks
Lead Artist Amanda Lowson
Creative Assistants Isabelle Rice, Blair Morris
Volunteers Ash McCluskey, Tessa Davison, Andrew Loveday
Filmmaker Sandie Jamieson

We have discovered that time is important to the structure of our lives and how much we depend on it in our day to day routine. We have been playful with time and our own relationships to it.

A Crack In The Clock
By Rep Juniors 1
Lead Artist Josef Boon
Creative Assistant Tara Glenn
Volunteer Rebecca Finnie

Time is standing still. The clocks are broken. Moments are stuck on repeat. Something strange is taking place and a brave few are stuck in the middle of it all. Join them as they try to unravel what is really going on with the broken clock.

After The Alarm Sounds 
By Scottish Dance Theatre Juniors 1
Lead Artist Niamh McLoughlin
Creative Assistant Carmen Berbel

Initiated by an alarm clock, we have been inspired by our daily ritual, routines and the best parts of our days. Let’s not forget the dreams happening just as the alarm sounds.